The Beginning of a Texas Whiskey Legacy

Who Was Jacob Weldon?

Jacob Weldon's was nothing more than an idea driven by a passion to create something original and authentic, right here in the Heart of North Texas. Jacob Weldon was my grandfather, his passion for whiskey and family was the inspiration behind the name of the whiskey. Jake absolutely loved family gatherings around Christmas time and he loved to entertain while being the center of attention. He was a man of a many of words and whether it was about his WWll days or his BBQ Restaurant, Jake was always a lot of fun to be around! My whiskies now, and in the future, will always be a tribute to Jake.

The Best Bourbons Take Time

Premium Oak Barrel = Enhanced Flavor

Like corn or grain, oak is arguably a primary ingredient in whisky, and seemingly the most imperative. Our distillers utilize customized barrels that assist and encourage maturing in such a dynamic Texas climate. Concentrating on fine grain oak, expanded dry seasoning, substantial toasting, and various types of oak, these factors widen the palette of flavors we have accessible. Every one of our whiskeys uses a multiple species with the goal that a complex and nuanced profile can be accomplished.

Aging a Superior Whiskey in the Texas Climate
For the most part, whiskeys are matured for a long time...even decades. In any case, the special climate of Texas changes that worldview totally. Everybody knows it's hot in Texas, yet that is just a portion of the story. Fast temperature swings are a piece of our state's climate trademark, and these brisk movements constrain barrels to "inhale" at a significantly faster rate than in conventional whiskey-production areas. This causes oak flavors to blend with the fluid inside, and it also causes the usually lengthy spirit maturation process to be sped up significantly. 

The Final Steps of Blending, Proofing, and Filtering
Prior to our whiskeys being ready to bottle, we get to the most exciting step of our craft: blending. Our distiller personally smells and taste every barrel of Jacob Weldon's before bottling to ensure the quality and flavor that our fans have come to expect. These are authentic craft whiskeys, and never combined with artificial coloring or flavoring. Everything made at the Johnson County Distillery is always non-chill filtered, which preserves the rich oils and esters straight out of the cask for pure, unadulterated Texas whiskey.


Jacob Weldon's Blended Bourbon Whiskey

Johnson County Distillery ~ Cleburne, Texas